• Art Deposit: For a small deposit, we put your artwork into our templates, give you the opportunity to speak with one of our Art Coordinators for any additional things we need to know and we'll make revisions you want to see per your instructions. When it is time to place the order, this deposit is credited toward the final balance of that order.
    • If you have your own artists that build artwork in our templates, you do not need to pay this deposit. Please advise our reps of this. You will also receive an email with our art team to send in completed art to be reviewed for compliance.

  • Early Bird Deposit: When you pay an Early Bird Deposit, this allows you to move straight into the next steps after artwork is approved. Read more about our process to find out in great detail why moving forward immediately beyond the art process is a very important time-saving factor.

  • Product Samples: As you view items within each sport, you are able to purchase a product sample for that item at a small cost (you can choose the size and use as a size sample in the future). Most of our product samples are offered at the size you choose and are for you to keep and continue to reuse as needed. If you only order one of an item and the size you receive doesn't matter, please note that in your order. If any of your samples are time sensitive, also please note that in your order.
  • Size Samples: Like our product samples, these are a small fee depending on the product you choose. Keep in mind, not every item has more than one size and not every item offers size samples. If you would like to inquire about us offering a product that is not currently offered as size samples, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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