Our process at Tier One Apparel is built on the core concept of transparency and ensuring that the dealer and their customers receive accurate high quality gear on-time, every time. We understand the needs of those who are selling in the custom garment markets and have built our system to ensure those needs are met. 

An order is placed when:

  • Art Mockup(s) are approved.
  • Sizes, Names, and/or Numbers are submitted on our T1 Order Form
  • Product(s) you are ordering are chosen on the Order Form
  • Colors from our fabric color swatches are chosen on the Order Form
  • 60% Production Payment has been paid


A. We highly recommend starting this process by placing an order for a REFUNDABLE Art Deposit. Purchasing this product will send an art-specific email to the email address associated with your account even after our regular business hours.

  • Respond to the art email with instructions and attachments. These will go directly to our Tier One art team.
  • Schedule an appointment to speak with a T1 Art Coordinator
  • Design your OWN private labels to use on your gear.
    • By default, we use our red no name label for the jock tag and a no name ribbon tag on our manufactured apparel.
    • You need to APPROVE the mock-ups of your labels to use on your gear.
    • If your approved private label artwork is included on the tab of the order form, we will use your private labels on your gear.
  • Respond to the email with any revisions for our team to make and/or schedule a revisions call, if necessary.

B. If you have your own design team, we provide Blank Templates, as well as our Pre-Decorated Templates for your team to download and customize. We recommend assigning your own mock-up numbers to your designs created in our templates. To ensure we set this up appropriately, please let our team know that is the route that you are taking.

* Please keep in mind if JPGs or PNGs are used in your designs (i.e. photorealistic lightning), we need the images provided to us and they MUST be scalable to a large or extra-large garment size to avoid poor image quality/pixelation

C. Each customized product will need artwork created and must be communicated as APPROVED by the appropriate person to us via email before moving forward in the process. If a product is not personalized and comes in one specific color, the product color will have to be chosen and finalized by the appropriate party on the Order Form.

Turnaround or designs provided by Tier One typically takes 1-3 business days. Submitting instructions after our business hours, holidays and weekends will prolong this process to the next business day.

Up to 3 major design revisions are included in the art process to get designs to your customer's approval. Multiple major changes in the design (especially after entering the production process) will result in a non-refundable fee and impact delivery time.


A. Mini: This is a digital scale pattern layout of the custom product being ordered and the first step toward laying out the file for production. The Mini will typically be based on the first size entered on the order form.

This is the opportunity to make sure the artwork has been translated correctly to the Mini and that the color codes listed in this stage are accurate to what was chosen on the order form.

If the Mini looks exactly like the artwork, then the appropriate person will APPROVE the Mini and the product will move forward to the Full Size Sample stage. If there are any issues, the Mini can be revised to match the artwork.

B. Full Size Samples (FSS):These are photos taken of the produced custom product that is part of the order (or a sample you would like to purchase and keep), typically the first line on the order form. Once produced, this line on the order form cannot be edited. The photos are placed below the Mini on the Order Form. The appropriate parties must go over these photos as well and check for accuracy to the artwork and to the Mini.

If the product looks exactly how the customer would like their mass-produced items to look, then the appropriate party will type "APPROVED" on the Order Form next to the FSS and also let us know when that has been done.

Colors in the FSS photo may look different than what you expect due to screen resolution, flash photography, and ambient lighting. This isn't time to panic. You need to check the COLOR CODES that you chose and make sure those also match the color codes displayed on the Mini.

The colors on the gear will correspond to the EXACT color codes on the Order Form. The Fabric Color Swatches show what our colors will appear like when sublimated.

If there are any issues (does not look like the artwork and/or Mini), the FSS can also be revised, but this must be communicated to us ASAP. Color changes and/or design changes will result in a non-refundable fee and delay your timeline.

**FSS approval delays will impact your delivery timeline**

After this is approved and assuming the Production Deposit has been paid, the corresponding tabs on the Order Form to the approved items will be locked and mass production will begin.


A. Upon Art Approval, you will receive an order form to fill out all of your order information – Shipping Address, Sizes, Names, and/or Numbers, Colors, and Products.

If you have your own artwork with assigned mock-up numbers or would like to submit your own reorder – There is an option to submit each order to us via our Dealer Order Forms by sharing your completed order form with us (if you choose via Google Drive, please allow us FULL editing access) upon completion.

You will verify with your customer that the products being ordered as well as sizes, names, and/or numbers are completed and accurate on the Order Form at the time an order is submitted for production.

  • If your customer is expecting FEMALE sizes for an item and the product you chose comes in that size, ensure that you have listed the correct sizing format on the order form (i.e. WS for Women's Small and GS for Girl's Small).

B. When sizes, names, and/or numbers are completed on the Order Form, as well as the colors and products have been chosen, the order can be invoiced according to the items and quantities shown on each tab.

C. For an order to enter mass production, at least the 60% Production Deposit must be paid.

  • If the Early Bird Deposit was paid, $250.00 will be deducted from the required amount needed for the Production Deposit and the invoice balance will be reduced by this amount as well.
  • If the invoice balance is $500 or below, the order must be paid in full.
  • If this order is a RUSH or DOUBLE RUSH order, the FULL balance must be paid to avoid delays.

D. For an order to ship to you, the remaining balance must be paid on the invoice and the payment must be cleared.

  • If the Art Deposit was paid ($75.00 USD), the final invoice balance will be reduced by this amount.
  • Expedited shipping charges (other than UPS Ground) must also be paid in full before the products are released to ship and this must be arranged with us in advance.

Early Bird Reservation Orders:
We recommend planning ahead for ALL orders and the Early Bird Reservation Deposit is perfect for those purposes. For orders that are in the early stages and are looking to reduce their production timeline when it is time to place an order – You can coordinate with your customer to pay an Early Bird Deposit.

This reserves production space, moves an order forward into the Pre-Production Process (Mini & FSS) after artwork is approved and is credited as a payment toward the Production Deposit.

At this stage, only one size, name, and/or number for each product that will be ordered is required for the Pre-Production samples.

Timelines / Possible RUSH Orders:
During peak production times, an order can take 15-30 business days to produce (this does not factor in transit time) unless specified otherwise. Paying an Early Bird Deposit, as well as planning in advance, will allow you to knock 5-10 business days off the timeline. Your production timeline will be quoted at the time of your inquiry and the quoted timeline does not factor in time for the Art Process. Many times we deliver faster than the quoted timelines, but anything can happen so we prepare you for realistic expectations.

When available, we offer RUSH or DOUBLE RUSH services for additional fees, but we highly recommend encouraging customers to plan in advance.

Product Sample Availability:
Especially during our peak season, we cannot guarantee product samples will be readily available to be sent when they are ordered, but we produce them quickly based on demand.

In event that we do not have a product sample or a specific size in-house, please allow up to 10 business days for those to become available for us to send to you.

We HIGHLY recommend ordering any size or product samples in advance or as extra pieces on each of your orders. This will allow you to build your own inventory of samples.

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