Use the resources below to ensure that you navigating through our process successfully. It is good practice to read through these items and gain an understanding of what they mean. While many will claim there is no time to do that, reading through these sections and asking questions to us along the way will ultimately save you time in our relationship.


  • Gaining knowledge of how we operate before selling our products can help you incorporate these elements into YOUR process. If we are on the same page with how we operate, it will help move everything along successfully.

    • ORDERS & MINIMUMS POLICY: This policy provides key points to address regarding each of your orders and what it will take to get them in your customer's hands when they need them with no hassle.
    • DESIGN POLICY: Specifically addressing artwork, our design policy refers to how critical it is to get the artwork perfect before placing an order and additional points regarding ownership rights.
    • TERMS & CONDITIONS: For your protection and for our protection, reading our Terms & Conditions is extremely important. If there is any aspect that you do not agree with or do not understand, please contact us.


  • FABRICS: This page provides a brief description of our commonly used fabrics. Essentially, we use industry standard athletic fabrics. To truly get an idea for the fabrics we offer, we recommend getting samples of the products you are interested in.


  • PRICE LIST: How you price the gear you sell depends solely on how you mark up THESE prices shown on the list. The more of a product ordered, the lower the base price which allows you flexibility for your own quantity pricing.


  • SIZE CHARTS: Each product links to their own specific size chart in their descriptions, but provided there are any issues with those, this is an alternate menu to accessing the size charts and how-to-measure instructions per sport.


  • Our design templates are constantly being updated and improved. We provide you with access to downloading any of them in the format of your choice.

    • DESIGN JPGs: These are flat raster images that can be shared with customers, incorporated into your own design libraries, shared on Facebook, etc. These are great for reference points to get an idea of what your customer would like.
    • DESIGN PDFs: If you are a designer or if you have a team of designers, you can go one step further and download the vector PDF of the design your customer likes. You are then able to make the necessary changes they request and you don't have to speak with someone at Tier One Apparel to do it.


  • COLOR CHART: Our most popular color choices can be viewed here and our color chart can be downloaded for your use. These are not the only colors we offer and we can provide you with swatches printed directly on to our fabric upon request.


  • BLANK PRODUCT TEMPLATES: If you are a designer or if you have your own design team, you are able to download the blank vector PDFs to create unique work from the exact templates we use in our art department. Simply click on the sport that you would like to see templates for, and from that sport's template page, click the icon to view and download.