Q.) How fast can I receive my gear?

In our peak seasons, turnaround can be as long as 20-30 Business Days + 2-3 Business Days transit if you have your order forms completed and at least your 60% deposit paid.

When available, we offer Rush and Double Rush services so you can shorten timeline to 5-10 Business Days + 2-3 Business Days transit.

Rush services require additional fees and require 100% payment in full to start order. We follow an accelerated version of our process. Rushed orders rely on completing your order form in a timely manner, good communication (let us know when you have completed your forms, approvals, payments), and prompt payment.

Q.) Do you offer size samples?

Yes. Products that allow for a selection of sizes can be purchased as Size Samples.

Q.) How do I start an order?

The most common method of starting an order is to pay a REFUNDABLE Art Deposit. This allows you to work with our Art Team toward getting designs ready for approval and upon placing the order, we credit $75.00 toward your invoice balance.

Getting started is detailed on our GET STARTED page to help guide you toward the method that works best for you and your customer.

Q.) What prices do you charge my company?

The price YOU will pay us is determined by our DEALER PRICE LIST. Check back every now and again for updates to this sheet.

You will see charges on products when you go to purchase them for samples, but that is NOT the price you will pay on your invoice. We sell our product and size samples at a heavily reduced cost so you can buy and keep these samples for your use how you see fit.


We cover this in detail on our "What is Sublimation?" page, but the overview is as follows:

SUBLIMATION is a process in which ink is printed on to transfer paper using an inkjet printer (high-speed). Through the application of heat and pressure, the design from the paper is transferred into the fabric.

Q.) How long do these products last over time?

Our sublimated apparel last years of wear, which saves your customers money over time. They will simply need to place fill-in orders with you as they add players or as players grow. When cared for properly, the colors never fade, crack or peel.

Q.) How should sublimated products be washed?


  • Garments should be washed separately before initial use.
  • For best results and maximum wear, uniforms should be laundered immediately after each game.
  • Garments that cannot be cleaned promptly after wearing should be hung individually on rust proof hangers or hooks. Perspiration fading may occur if wet garments are left in a pile.
  • Do not wash white and colored garments together.
  • Wash all garments in cold water.
  • The water level in the washing machine should be kept high to hold down mechanical action. Only when uniforms are extremely soiled should the water level be lowered to increase mechanical action.
  • Avoid overloading the machine as this causes shrinkage and impedes the cleaning process.
  • Use an antistatic agent, especially on garments to be tumble dried, to minimize lint attraction and spark discharge.
  • Never use a chlorine bleach on any garments as it fades colors and weakens some materials.
  • For best results, garments should be hung to drip-dry but sublimated gear can be put in dryer.
  • When tumble drying, use the lowest temperature or “air” setting.
  • Remove garments promptly from dryer.
  • Do not dry clean your uniforms.
  • Garments should be completely dry before storing.
  • Store uniforms in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light. This will prevent mildew and yellowing.

Q.) When will the items ship and how do I track?

When mass production is complete of all items in your order and the final balance is cleared, your order will ship out to the address that you provide on your order form. Generally this takes 2-5 Business Days transit time via UPS or DHL assuming normal delivery operations and depending on your location. Expedited shipping is possible, but this must be communicated in advance so that the proper charges can be paid by you and arrangements can be made. 

T1 will provide you with your respective tracking number(s) when your gear ships. We may provide you with multiple tracking numbers depending on the size of the shipment, but we do NOT split shipments upon request. To split your gear into multiple shipments, we require additional fees to be paid.

We are not responsible for any transit-specific issues that may arise with your shipment(s) (this includes but is not limited to lost packages). We can insure your order for an additional charge as well, but that request must be communicated up front.