The key benefit of your own "brand" is the ability to protect margin and control your own destiny. Every time you sell a national brand you are building "equity" in that brand. It is not a brand that you control or have exclusivity in. You therefore build value for someone else and have to compete with many other dealers on that product which inevitably erodes margins.  


Tier One manufactures a wide variety of sublimated sports uniforms and apparel for hundreds of dealers nationwide. We aim for you to establish your own brand within the marketplace. Initially, we recommend using our collection of pre-designed uniforms that you can make updates to in our art process as well as affix your logo or brand identity upon. If it is possible for your company, you and your team can create your own custom designs into our vector templates and affix your branding upon those as well.

Click [HERE] to view our Custom Order Policies for more information regarding designs.


There is always a lower price to be found but that rarely equates to better value. Tier One Apparel isn't always going to be the lowest cost producer on any individual item, but we have chosen to produce only superior quality products and deliver them in a consistent and timely manner. We never have to apologize for our quality. We also provide tools that allow team dealers to concentrate on building brand value and sales while we handle supply and logistics.

When people start to chase lower pricing without regard for quality, then inevitably, the "Brand Equity" is eroded or ruined all together. We see the pattern all the time where someone with authority is only conscious about obtaining lower and lower prices. Not only does this take time on behalf of the business, but constant searching and restarting also takes money. Not to mention you run into different, prolonged shipping schedules, lower quality than previous manufacturers, inconsistent sizing and fabrications, unavailable colors or styles, inability to reorder pieces, and more. This puts the business back to the beginning: searching for the "next best thing" and the cycle continues. We look to establish long term relationships that provide your business peace of mind from start to finish and to not feel compelled to keep searching around for the "right" manufacturer.


The reasons for private labeling are many but the answer is simple - to make more money! Private labeling is growing in almost every industry segment. The difference in price between national brands vs store brands is the amount that is spent in promoting that brand. Once a customer switches to a store brand product they realize that the store brand is every bit as good (sometimes better) than national brands. This becomes a "win-win" for both the customer and the store. The store makes more money on the private label brand and the customer saves money. The store is now building loyalty to its brand and not to a national brand and has no real competition. 

By private labeling your own uniform line you will be building in your own brand equity and not someone else's. T1 provides uniforms that are every bit as good and usually significantly better than the top of the line sublimated uniform from national brands for a fraction of the cost. By you putting your own label into these jerseys you will be able to provide both you and your customer an unbeatable combination.


If you are wanting to develop your own private label program you literally have 100's of potential suppliers overseas. We understand that many of you may have already tried overseas sublimation looking for a "source". Here are a few key factors as to what makes Tier One beneficial + the difference.

Sourcing from overseas is not for the faint at heart. First, it is actually very easy to find a manufacture that says "of course I can make that for you". They say that for everything you ask for. They don't want to miss an opportunity to find a new customer. The reality of producing uniforms is a process and we're here to walk you through it.

Manufacturing - A HUGE plus for T1 is that we own our own factory. This allows us to have full control of the manufacturing process.