Reservation / Full Size Sample (FSS)

  • The reservation deposit is great for those who are planning ahead or need extra assurance. This is a small deposit that goes towards your full order balance!

What is an FSS? 

  • An FSS is a Full Size Sample. Our Full Size Samples are a production proof that we make of YOUR design and receive your approval on before going into full production. We make these for all custom items. Purchasing an FSS is the best way to ensure everything with your order is perfect. 

Why Should I Start my FSS before Placing Full Order? 

  • Purchasing an FSS can cut up to two weeks off of your turn time. This also ensures everything with your order will be perfect. Before we begin full production you get an opportunity to see YOUR design on each item you will be ordering. 

    How do I Purchase an FSS? 

    • Upon approval of your artwork you will have an opportunity to purchase an FSS. If you would like to get an FSS one of the following will take place:
    -- If you submitted an art request, we will send you an order form and you can upload one player information (Size, Number, Name) and we will invoice you for each piece you will be getting samples for.

    -- If you started a new project / submitted a completed order form and we have sent you a production invoice, you can simply pay for each piece you need an FSS for. If you pay your production deposit or full balance we will just make the first piece on your form for each item.